Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New York re-cap

I met E & C in NY for a girls' theater-filled weekend!!!

The weather alternated between gorgeous and rainy, but it just didn't matter... we weren't trying to go shopping or sight-seeing, just a weekend together on Broadway!

Our first show was The Addams Family... And I'm glad we had discounted tickets because the show was a dud! The music was forgettable and the show was boring. Brooke Shields was Morticia, and the young woman playing Wednesday great! My entire familiarity of The Addams Family is the music with the "snap, snap" - but I don't think it would have been any better even if it were more familiar!

I can't stop raving about How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying!! Daniel Radcliffe was phenomenal! Hard to believe he's so young, so wealthy and so committed to theater that he's performing on Broadway in such a draining role. I'm not sure what surprised me more - his height (just 5'4" or 5'5") or how well he danced!

DR Billboard

E wanted to hang out with the groupies near the exit and I captured a fleeting, blurry shot of him as he got into the limo...
DR car

The final show of the weekend was Priscilla - Queen of the Desert. Definitely NOT a family show with a story of drag queens, but it was a fun, silly tone, had fantastic costumes and an actual plotline with character development!

It wasn't ALL theater.. first a return glimpse of Times Square before the rain...

Times Square

And a stop at the rebuilding of the World Trade Center and emerging memorial...
World Trade Center

And a Project Runway fan... I had to visit Mood Fabrics!! E&C were able to get tickets to Book of Mormon and I didn't mind about not getting a 3rd ticket because I really didn't want to see it. So I happily entertained myself with fabrics and then a much-appreciated hour at a coffee shop.

Mood NY Mood2 NY

A GREAT weekend and without a computer and email it really felt like a much longer break!

Enjoy the day!

Bailey had a great time at "Camp A" but still says:
Momma - don't leave. I can provide all the drama you want around here!!
Bailey home

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