Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lofty Logic...

I went to local home/building store to see if they had replacement cushions for my patio set. For years I always kept them inside when not in use (the cushions, not the furniture), but they're now pretty icky.

I was also thinking about more patio furniture since I now basically have 2 patios in my backyard. I have no idea what I want (table and chairs, or sofa and coffee table, or maybe a swing?). But when walking by I saw this set that was 70% off and was really quite comfy.

The 70% pretty much confirmed my opinion though.

I pushed the nearby button and amazingly someone came over almost immediately. But they don't have it in stock.

Me: Is it available at another location?
Him: There aren't in stock in any of the bay area stores.
Me: Can I order it online and pay for delivery?
Him: No, it will just walk you through the process and then say there aren't any available.
Me: Will you have more in stock?
Him: No, they've discontinued this line.
Me: Can I buy the floor model?
Him: No, they won't sell that until the end of the season.
Me: But you won't have any available.
Him: I know
Me: So you're going to have the floor model indicating that you sell something that won't ever be available?
Him: yes

I didn't like any of their cushions either.

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