Friday, April 9, 2010


I like TiVo. Really like my TiVo.

This isn't a surprise to me, but the fact has been elevated in my awareness by the fact that at the moment it's off limits due to the fact that the stairs to the basement (where my family room with the TV is) were replaced and today was first coat of the stain.

First coat... which essentially means I won't be able to go downstairs (remember - the location of beloved TiVo) until Tuesday. I did make sure I had all my work folders, laundry and other necessities upstairs before the staining. And I can't really consider TV and TiVo a necessity... but Friday nights I'm generally too exhausted to do anything but scrounge dinner and watch TiVo with Bailey.

So... I did muster enough energy to brave the nearby outdoor mall to get a wedding gift. And I blocked a shawl that's been sitting on my guest room bed for 3 months (it's a big, warm wool shawl... perfect timing, huh?) And got that same guest room bed ready for a house guest. And a few other uninteresting things.

Frankly... true confession - I miss my TiVo.

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