Friday, October 10, 2008

What a Week!

After business in London I spent a few days in FL... was a good visit and amazingly (sadly) knit-free. Other than the necessary frogging of the ugly orange scarf!!

Bailey was very happy to come home from L&B's (but he did have fun at camp!). And I had to laugh when I looked at my sneakers. These were washed at the same time... I call the right one evidence of 'Frisbee-Foot' because it's evidence of his point of leverage for the requisite tug-o-war after each throw! It matches the frequent muddy prints on my right shin when the grass is still wet!

But then came home to celebrate a big birthday on Wed... starting with a lovely breakfast before going to the spa with 3 friends... what a wonderful day!! Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and extra long massages for all of us, followed by lunch at my favorite sushi bar!

My mom had sent these gorgeous roses!
and my goddaughters made me this wonderful card (I can just imagine how long they spent picking out the stickers to decorate it!). I love the mini-sweater and the dog treats... they know me well!!

They afternoon was spent at the LYS that offers a discount chip for your birthday-purchase! I was able to get 20% off on the Silky Wool to make an Aleita shell for my mom's Christmas present. Living in FL, it's tough to find a good knit for her... but she picked this out so I'll be casting on soon!

In the meantime, I did cast on another Clapotis... this one is in a worsted weight so it's knitting up so much bigger than the lace and sock-weight versions... It's with Boku and I love the way the striping varies ...

And now off to book club... with my Clapotis! ; )

Happy Friday..... -JavaNut

Bailey says: I'm glad to be home, Momma... I missed my toys.

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Joni said...

Happy Birthday Debra! Your flowers and puppy are both magnificent! Joni